Cell Perform, Kohnkes Own

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Kohnkes Own Cell Perform

Cell-Perform™ helps make up the shortfalls of essential nutrients in diets based on grains, hay and pasture to support optimum health, vitality, performance and recovery from training and competition.

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Cell Perform, Kohnkes Own

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  • whitesupplet.jpg - 1055 Bytes White Supplet® Pellets – contribute calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin A&D for bones and joints.
    brownsupplet.jpg - 1468 Bytes Brown Supplet® Pellets – provide a full range of trace-minerals, many in organic ‘chelated’ form for optimum uptake, including fully organic selenium and chromium, for blood and muscles.
    yellowsupplet.jpg - 19906 Bytes Golden-Yellow Supplet® Pellets – all essential vitamins for normal appetite, vitality and optimum metabolic function.
    blacksupplet.jpg - 19906 Bytes Black Iron Supplet® Pellets - extra iron, Vitamin B12 and folic acid to ensure adequate intake for the blood.
    pinksupplet.jpg - 19906 Bytes Pink Vitamin E and Selenium Supplet® pellets - supplements Vitamin E and organic selenium as antioxidants to help ensure normal muscle function and strength.

     Step up to the next level with Cell-Perform

    Designed to give Dressage, Show-Jumping or Eventing horses the vitamins and trace-minerals they need to train and perform to their best!

    Cell-Perform™ contains a balanced, comprehensive base of vitamins and trace-minerals, with added bone minerals for the support of bone density in competition horses.  It includes extra organic selenium and vitamin E as antioxidants for muscle function and recovery when training and competing regularly and additional iron (chelated for safety) for blood replenishment after strenuous exercise.  These special micro-nutrients help to promote stamina, strength, robust movement and impulsion, so competition horses can step up to the next level and meet the demands of Dressage, Show-Jumping, Eventing or other competitive horse disciplines.

    Cell-Perform™ contributes bone minerals and trace-minerals, many in organic or ‘chelated’ form, including additional organic selenium, chromium and iron, as well as a full range of stability protected vitamins, which have essential roles in metabolic function during exercise.

    Each Supplet® pellet in the 5 Supplet® blend contains only compatible nutrient groups to help maintain optimum potency and benefit, eliminating sift-out, dust and sludging in the feed, or blow away from outdoor feed tubs, which is a problem with powders and liquids.

    Pack Sizes: 1.4 kg 
                       10.0kg     If not in stock, please call and we will order it for you.

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